Who are we and what do we do?

We are a learning and development business that leads change and development, helping individuals and organisations to become more successful.

  • Overview

    What is our vision for the future?

    We believe in the future as much emphasis will be placed on emotional wealth as monetary wealth. As a result people will focus more on building meaningful and rewarding relationships and the focus will be on organisational wellbeing.

    What do we do?

    In order to get great results, both individuals and businesses need to be able to build strong, effective relationships. In our experience, many of the problems in organisations are sustained because the relationships are not working properly. Essentially we help businesses and individuals to identify their challenges and provide solutions. Typically these might be in the form of workshops, team development, focusing on leadership skills or training events, coaching and personal development programmes. We work with organisations of all sizes, from SMEs and professional services partnerships, to national and multi-national companies. For some more detailed examples of these, see Our Clients page.

    What's different about us?

    Our focus is on relationships, skill building and helping individuals to develop the skills and tools they need to make their relationships work more effectively. Once mastered, the skills of relationship building can be applied in many different contexts, whether you’re working with colleagues, negotiating with suppliers, meeting the needs of your clients or customers, the skills will benefit you. And they help with work-life balance because they apply at home too. We believe this approach is different to many other providers whose focus is more functional and where these opportunities may be missed.

    Why Good Day Yellow?

    One of the development tools that we have used extensively and successfully over the years uses colour as a metaphor for personality. The colour yellow most closely captures the strengths we want to bring to the businesses we work with and that we believe are crucial in creating and sustaining successful relationships.

  • Our Values


    It’s incredibly important to us to ‘be real’ so what you see is what you get and what we say we’ll do, we’ll absolutely do. We only take on projects we’re confident we can deliver to our high standards, and if it’s not in our field of expertise, we’ll help you to find someone else who can help.


    We believe that to be truly engaging you need to be both interested and interesting. Engagement is at the heart of everything we believe about building good relationships so we make sure we practice what we preach.


    We prefer to work with you than for you, so real collaboration is essential for us. This belief is critical to our approach with all our stakeholders, whether they are customers, suppliers or trusted business partners.


    We expect the best from people and because of that we’ll be honest with you and tell you what you need to hear, constructively of course. Equally, we expect to be challenged by you to ensure that we’re providing the best value for money.


    It must be feasible to implement the ideas that we come up with together, so our approach has to be both sensible and creative. Resources are becoming ever more constrained so we believe it’s important to work together to make the best use of them.

  • Who is behind Good Day Yellow?

    Nicky Cowling

    leadership skills Devon Nicky CowlingNicky is a Director of Good Day Yellow with 25 years’ experience across professional services, corporate and public sectors and enjoys working with individuals and teams at all stages of their development. She is convinced that people at all levels have a contribution to make to improving performance and is equally effective working with senior leadership teams and those entering the workforce.

    A fellow of the CIPD and a KPMG trained Chartered Accountant, Nicky is skilled at quickly gaining a high level understanding of businesses, their systems and processes and the people that they depend on for their success. She is adept at identifying creative solutions to facilitate problem solving and decision making.

    Nicky loves learning and uses a number of different tools to support her work with organisations, including Action Learning, Insights® Discovery model and Leading and Developing High Performance. Having worked in London and Bristol she has returned to her roots in Devon where she lives with her husband, daughters and border terrier Bentley, who all put her ‘maintaining successful relationships’ skills to the test from time to time!

    Rob Cowling

    Rob is a Director of Good Day Yellow and has over 20 years’ experience in senior finance roles in a number of sectors, including manufacturing, construction, food and agriculture.  Rob has helped many senior teams and managers understand finance through clear communication and cutting through jargon.  He has had involvement in business acquisitions, MBO’s, new system implementation and business down-sizing as well as being an experienced DB pension Trustee.  Rob enjoys talking finance (and any other matters!) with people at all levels of an organization and has run many finance training seminars, including Finance for Non-financial Managers courses.