Start, Stop. Continue app…

At Good Day Yellow, we know just how important an effective feedback loop is; we understand the impact it can have on building rewarding, effective working relationships, but feedback so often gets lost, forgotten or, crucially, misconstrued.

We wanted to create something that could join up management and employees in one place: a place where everyone could go to encourage the good, put a stop to the bad and feed back on the truly great. A place where expectations are crystal clear.

And so the Start, Stop. Continue… app was born.

Designed to provide that much-needed connection between every member of an organisation (no matter the size), this intuitive software is a tool that every team needs in its kit. Managers can create actions and give awards for great work, while users can follow their own progress and get a clear picture of exactly how they’re performing.

So get set up today. Start driving change. Stop unhelpful working practices in their tracks. And encourage your team to Continue doing the things that are really working.

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