How can we make a difference?

The short answer to that question is... 'by discussing your challenges and working with you to identify and implement solutions'. Here are some challenges we've helped to resolve. In our clients' words...

“We have a great catalogue of courses on offer for our staff but need something more specific to address influence and persuasion skills can you help?”

“I have no problem managing 20 people at work then I get home and can't seem to talk to my teenager!”

“Our Partners are great at dealing with client issues but expect our HR team to bail them out when there's a problem with their secretary. Our HR team doesn't have the time to be dealing with performance issues at that level. We need to enable our Partners to manage performance in their teams.”

“Two individuals in my team are constantly coming to me complaining about each other. I need them both, how can I get them to work together?”

“The Finance team's budgeting process is a total mystery to us and we're still expected to be able to explain why our results are different from their budgets!”

“One of our partners is about to deliver a presentation to a key client. He's more than confident about the technical detail but concerned about how to manage his anxiety in the run up and on the day.”

“We've scheduled a staff communications day and want to have a good time but also need to achieve something serious, how can we do both?”

“Due to the rapid growth of our organisation over the last 18 months we now have many newly promoted managers who are experts in their field but lack confidence in their management skills.”

“We're facing challenging times. We're going to be making lots of changes and want to make sure that we manage them as effectively as possible. We don't want to end up losing key people or putting our staff in situations they're not equipped to deal with.”

Some of our clients have a clear idea of the solution that they're looking for to address their challenge and come to us to find it. Others (like those above) just know that there is a challenge to overcome and want to work with us to find a solution. Our range of relationship development and skill building solutions is flexible, so each will be based on meeting your specific needs. If you have a challenge of your own or would like to know how we helped these clients, please contact us.

We have designed solutions to focus on:

  • Self awareness
  • Relationship development
  • Maintaining relationships
  • Conflict Management
  • Influence and Persuasion
  • Communication skills
  • Management development
  • Performance Management
  • Team development

We'll aim to identify whether you're looking for solutions that are:

  • Tactical or Strategic?
  • Bespoke or ‘Ready Made’?
  • Top down or bottom up?
  • Little and often or major development activity?

We can:

  • Design and deliver complete programmes
  • Run one off workshops
  • Arrange coaching
  • Provide you with a ‘contracted in’ development resource

For further information on our range of solutions if:

  • you’d like some detailed examples? Take a look at ‘Our Clients’ page
  • you’re looking for a specific product as part of your solution you may find it in ‘The Team‘ section. If it’s not there please contact us.