Who are we?

Oasis is a leading provider of NHS and private dental care. Our dental people care for over 1.5 million patients across the UK.

Established in 1996, Oasis has over 200 practices across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

What was our challenge?

To deliver a 3 hour finance session to 130 Practice Managers at our quarterly Operations Conference.  Our Finance Director was confident about delivering the technical content but concerned about engaging such a large group with a challenging subject.

What did they do for us?

Good Day Yellow worked with us to create an interactive session involving competition between groups, number challenges and puzzles representing our accounting system.  They suggested that we use members of our finance team as ‘group leaders’ to co-facilitate the event and help the afternoon run more smoothly.

What impact did it have?

The session was well received by participants.  Links were established between Practice Managers and the  member of the finance team on their table .   And the chocolate money and piggy bank prizes encouraged the more reluctant participants to see that there is much to be gained from improving their financial capabilities.