Synergy Health

Who are we?

At Synergy Health we deliver a range of specialist outsourced services and products to healthcare providers and other clients concerned with health management. These services and products are aimed at supporting our customers to improve the quality and efficiency of their activities, whilst reducing risks to their patients and clients. Our Brand Vision is “To build a lasting reputation as the trusted expert in global health related markets by differentiating our services and products through the way we work”

What was our challenge?

Over the years Synergy has grown tremendously through the efforts of our talented teams, winning new contracts and through strategic acquisitions. On our journey to become a global business providing outsourced services to the health market, it is vitally important that we share common values, behaviours, knowledge and skills across our management population. In an organisation that has grown at such a rate, making sure that managers have all the tools and resources they need to manage their people consistently is a challenge that we needed some help with.

What did they do for us?

Judith launched a Management Development Programme, designed for our experienced operational managers, which provided professional management development to one of our most critical groups – those who are central to Synergy Health delivering on its strategy. The programme was created to provide core elements for application across the whole company which would help support the sense of growing leadership community with a shared language and shared experiences. The approach worked in partnership with the senior management team as coaches and mentors, helping to transform the culture of our business as part of their own development.

What impact did it have?

The programme was designed to help managers develop a greater understanding and appreciation of their leadership style and the impact this can have on those around them. Using the Insights ® Discovery Profile and actors providing ‘real play’, it has armed them with the skills and resources to develop strategies for adapting and connecting more effectively and improving communications, relationships and performance across all areas of our business.